Check before leaving: Mechanical problems with the vehicle

For years, Dock Square Parking Garage has provided quality parking for car owners in the Greater Boston area. And for years, the company service has both grown and evolved. In the past few months, Dock Square Parking Garage has given advice to motorists everywhere on parking and all things motoring.

On this blog, Dock Square Parking Garage takes a look at mechanical failures in motor vehicles and gives motorists clearer images in hopes that they may spot mechanical problems before their cars leave the garage.

And this goes double for car owners with cars that have racked up significant mileage over the years.

From lean systems to engine misfires, there are about a hundred things that can go wrong with the car when it comes to its mechanical systems. For example, “System Too Lean” means motorists have to check if they have bad leaks, injectors (or injector drivers) or if something is blocking the air-conditioning system. Engine misfires happen when spark plugs are old and need…

PSA: Always stay safe during long drives

Dock Square Parking Garage has always taken care of its patrons. From providing a secure parking facility to sharing valuable tips and information on motoring and car care, the company has made it a point to always be of service, no matter the platform.

For today, Dock Square Parking Garage tackles what it feels is an incredibly important issue for motorists everywhere – safety during long road trips.

Since Americans love to go on the open road (no matter the season), it’s prudent that whoever’s at the wheel should be at the top of his game. They should always be alert and awake, especially if there are other people in the vehicle.

However, there are ways long road trips can be made safer. For instance, if there’s more than one person in the car who knows how to drive, changing drivers every three to five hours seems like a good call, to allow the other to rest.

And speaking of rest, Dock Square Parking Garage urges every driver about to go on a long drive to get sufficient …

More reasons to park in a public parking garage

Public parking garages such as Boston’s Dock Square Parking Garage have provided more than just parking spaces for motorists everywhere. These structures have proven quite efficient, especially in busy cities with high vehicle traffic.

Oft-underappreciated, public parking garages have allowed motorists who work in these cities but live in areas outside these cities, to come over, park their cars, and find alternative transportation from there on out.

Over the years, public parking garages have developed better security systems to put the minds of patrons at ease. From adding more CCTV cameras to better lighting, parking in a public garage has never been safer. And there’s still the added benefit of having an all-day and all-night staff securing the premises.

Another huge advantage public parking garages offer is protection for the car from the elements. Since most public parking garages are partially enclosed structures, cars are shielded from the searing heat of the midday su…

Keep these tips in mind to avoid a parking ticket

The plethora of traffic and parking rules and regulations makes parking in the city very tricky and can prove complicated and stressful for the beginning driver. And, for sure, no one wants to get a parking ticket. In this blog, Boston-based self-parking garage Dock Square Parking Garage offers some tips to ensure that you don’t come back to your vehicle only to find that dreaded parking ticket stuck to your wipers.

First, know what a no stopping or no standing zone sign is. These signs simply mean parking is prohibited in the covered area. You can pull up to the curb to quickly pick up or drop off someone, but not more than a few seconds. You can even get a ticket by just sitting in your car while idling in a no stopping/no standing zone.

Parking meters that are out of order allow you to park for free for a given period (usually one to two hours). But this is dependent on which U.S. city you are in, so be extra-aware of the time limit in your area. Note, too, that meters tha…

What to check in your car before leaving the garage

Dock Square Parking Garage believes that cars need to be checked regularly. Because of this, we found it prudent to share a few helpful reminders to motorists out there who frequently leave their cars in parking garages. If a car is well-maintained, this may not be so much of a problem, but then again, it’s best to be safe than sorry.

Cars are complex pieces of machinery with thousands of moving parts. To be on the safe side, here are things car owners should check before leaving the garage and experiencing car trouble on the road:

Dashboard lights If anything is wrong with any of the major components of the car, drivers will see a small sign on the dashboard light up. From gas to battery issues, motorists should make sure all the important lights are off before leaving the parking garage.

Oil This is especially important if motorists see leakage of oil underneath the car while its parked in the garage. There is a dipstick that can be found under the hood of the car, which car ow…

What car owners can do to protect their cars from theft

Statistics show an alarming trend in car theft. In the United States, a car is stolen every 44 seconds, and only half of all stolen vehicles are recovered. Because of this, the people over at Dock Square Parking Garage believe that every car owner should be familiar with the basics of car safety.

On that note, here are some safety measures car owners can take to lessen the chances of being car-jacked.

Keep the keys close at all times.

Many car owners make the mistake of leaving their car keys in “special places” such as under the house mat or behind the car visor. Whatever special place car owners have in mind, they can be sure that thieves have thought of it as well. On the subject of keys, spare keys should also be kept in an exceptionally safe place inside the house, a place that no one else has access to.

Know that even when parked at home or at a garage, thieves can target the car.

Another common mistake car owners make is to be complacent with car safety when the car is parked…

Tips on driving safely in parking lots

It can prove quite the challenge to look for a space in parking lots, as they’re often very congested and busy. You should employ safe-driving techniques as you scour both lots and covered garages for that prized space or depart from it, even if many are becoming more automated and staffed 24 hours a day.

The first advice is to remember to slow down, as other drivers and obstructions pose the biggest risks when maneuvering to a parking spot. You may be in a hurry or get frustrated when slots are few, but these do not mean being complacent. Slow down and be extra aware of your car’s distance from drivers behind and in front or those about to leave their spots, so you’d have more space to react.

Be smart about where you will park and how you are going to park. This effectively  minimizes any car damage and risk of a potential accident. Again, look for any obstruction that can damage or scratch your car, from a left-behind shopping cart to an open car door. Ensure that there’s plen…