Keep these tips in mind to avoid a parking ticket

The plethora of traffic and parking rules and regulations makes parking in the city very tricky and can prove complicated and stressful for the beginning driver. And, for sure, no one wants to get a parking ticket. In this blog, Boston-based self-parking garage Dock Square Parking Garage offers some tips to ensure that you don’t come back to your vehicle only to find that dreaded parking ticket stuck to your wipers.

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First, know what a no stopping or no standing zone sign is. These signs simply mean parking is prohibited in the covered area. You can pull up to the curb to quickly pick up or drop off someone, but not more than a few seconds. You can even get a ticket by just sitting in your car while idling in a no stopping/no standing zone.

Parking meters that are out of order allow you to park for free for a given period (usually one to two hours). But this is dependent on which U.S. city you are in, so be extra-aware of the time limit in your area. Note, too, that meters that accept various forms of payment need not conform to your preferred one; you’ve to pay nonetheless and not just bank on your inability to pay as an excuse. You’d still get that parking ticket when caught.

A lot of drivers think that they can park in residents’ bays or on roads with yellow lines during holidays. You may get away with it on certain instances but remember that most traffic police will continue to be on patrol even during holidays. To be sure, check for signs. But even if you don’t see one, we still suggest erring on the side of caution and just driving on, advises Dock Square Parking Garage.

Dock Square Parking Garage provides convenient and easy in-and-out parking and access for drivers near the TD Garden area in Boston. It boasts of a highly secure, 24-hour parking service that makes use of automated equipment and a dedicated onsite team. Visit this blog for similar reads.


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