Risks and dangers of street parking

Outside of your home, there are three types of parking spaces: free, metered, and rented. Rented parking spaces, like those in parking garages and other establishments, are deemed the safest option among the three for good reason. According to parking attendants at Dock Square Parking Garage, rented parking spaces often have limited traffic, which reduces the chances of your car getting hit by a large margin, as compared to parking in public areas. There’s also the benefit of security and surveillance systems set up to make sure nothing happens to your car.

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No one can deny that you get more than the price you pay at parking garages when it comes to the safety of your automobile. But what about street parking? Depending on your location, street parking can range from somewhat safe to quite risky. Street parking is often very limited when it comes to space as well. Finding a comfortable parking spot is rare, especially during weekdays and in high-traffic locations.

As for parking on side streets, these low-traffic locations can put your car’s safety at risk. Some dangers include vandalism, theft, as well as outright damage to your car. And because there’s no supervision, there’s no amount of control aside from the built-in security systems of your vehicle. According to management at Dock Square Parking Garage, your car’s security system might not be enough to deter street criminals from breaking into your car or vandals turning your windshield into their canvas.

Parking and customer service providerDock Square Parking Garageprovides convenient and easy in-and-out parking and access to drivers near the TD Garden in Boston. A new development project is ongoing above the garage which will add new enhancements, including upgraded equipment. For more reads on city parking, visit this blog.


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