More reasons to park in a public parking garage

Public parking garages such as Boston’s Dock Square Parking Garage have provided more than just parking spaces for motorists everywhere. These structures have proven quite efficient, especially in busy cities with high vehicle traffic.

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Oft-underappreciated, public parking garages have allowed motorists who work in these cities but live in areas outside these cities, to come over, park their cars, and find alternative transportation from there on out.

Over the years, public parking garages have developed better security systems to put the minds of patrons at ease. From adding more CCTV cameras to better lighting, parking in a public garage has never been safer. And there’s still the added benefit of having an all-day and all-night staff securing the premises.

Another huge advantage public parking garages offer is protection for the car from the elements. Since most public parking garages are partially enclosed structures, cars are shielded from the searing heat of the midday sun and the biting cold of winter – both of which have been known to wreak havoc on a parked vehicle.

Public parking garages also offer very affordable rates, especially if a motorist plans to reserve a space to his own—rates that are a huge bargain when compared to parking out on the street with a meter running.

Parking and customer service provider Dock Square Parking Garage provides convenient and easy in-and-out parking and access for drivers near the TD Garden in Boston. A new development project is ongoing above the garage which will add new enhancements, including upgraded equipment. For more reads on parking lot etiquette, visit this page.


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