Parking and beyond: Important car considerations for winter

Winter is here. The favorite season for a lot of Americans, winter can be a lot of fun, with the proper preparation. On that note, Dock Square Parking Garage has come up with a shortlist of how to keep the car ready for the winter cold. This is especially important for car owners who live in areas that are particularly cold and have snow during the winter months.

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Tires: Of course, safety always comes first. When the cold sets in and snow begins to fall, motorways become perilous for vehicles because of the ice. Cars on regular tires have been known to slip and slide on these roads during this time, which is why a change to winter tires is necessary. For new car owners in such areas, investing in winter tires is a must, to keep themselves and their passengers safe.

Fluids and batteries: In places where the winter can become especially harsh, the vital fluids of the car could freeze up. Oil viscosity may also be affected. Purchasing and putting in antifreeze should do the job, but to be sure, a car owner should check first before leaving the garage.

Battery power is also affected by the extreme cold. Before the winter sets in, Dock Square Parking Garage recommends that car owners have their batteries checked to ensure they (batteries) don’t die out in the middle of a trip.

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