All about the proposed hands-free driving law for Massachusetts

In 2016 to 2017 alone, car crashes from distracted driving rose to 170%. This is a worrying statistic since teens are three times more likely to crash because of distracted driving. It’s for these reasons why the state of Massachusetts has enacted a law on distracted driving, says Dock Square Parking Garage. Here’s a simple primer on what the law is about and what you should expect in the roads around Boston regarding the enforcement of the law.

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Governor Charlie Baker signed the hands-free driving law on November 25, 2019. The law states that no motorist should use mobile devices while driving, unless the device can be operated hands-free. The law further reads that drivers cannot read text, look at images, or watch videos. But it exempts devices which aid in navigation and/or provided that the said device is mounted safely on the dashboard.

Police will be enforcing the law to its full-effect on February 23, 2020 but drivers caught on this said period until March 2020 will be given a warning only. After the grace period ends, drivers can expect a $100 fine on the first violation, $250 on the second, $500 on the third, and insurance charges and driver training for subsequent violations.

By learning about the law and how you can best follow its stipulations, you’ll be able to avoid any tickets or violations. And, best of all, you’ll be increasing public safety by following the law’s statutes and by educating your children or your friends, advises Dock Square Parking Garage.

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