PSA: Always stay safe during long drives

Dock Square Parking Garage has always taken care of its patrons. From providing a secure parking facility to sharing valuable tips and information on motoring and car care, the company has made it a point to always be of service, no matter the platform.

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For today, Dock Square Parking Garage tackles what it feels is an incredibly important issue for motorists everywhere – safety during long road trips.

Since Americans love to go on the open road (no matter the season), it’s prudent that whoever’s at the wheel should be at the top of his game. They should always be alert and awake, especially if there are other people in the vehicle.

However, there are ways long road trips can be made safer. For instance, if there’s more than one person in the car who knows how to drive, changing drivers every three to five hours seems like a good call, to allow the other to rest.

And speaking of rest, Dock Square Parking Garage urges every driver about to go on a long drive to get sufficient sleep the night before. Anything less than seven hours in unacceptable. It’s one thing to get tired and sleepy before a road trip and a whole different thing to be tired and sleepy at the start of one.

Fortunately, for many drivers, there are rest stops along freeways, which should be taken advantage of. If a driver feels drowsy, it’s best that they pull up and get some rest before continuing the trip.

Dock Square Parking Garage provides 24/7 self-park garage services with overnight security and an onsite staff present at all times. It is conveniently located across Faneuil Hall and the North End in Boston. More on Dock Square and its services here.


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