Check before leaving: Mechanical problems with the vehicle

For years, Dock Square Parking Garage has provided quality parking for car owners in the Greater Boston area. And for years, the company service has both grown and evolved. In the past few months, Dock Square Parking Garage has given advice to motorists everywhere on parking and all things motoring.

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On this blog, Dock Square Parking Garage takes a look at mechanical failures in motor vehicles and gives motorists clearer images in hopes that they may spot mechanical problems before their cars leave the garage.

And this goes double for car owners with cars that have racked up significant mileage over the years.

From lean systems to engine misfires, there are about a hundred things that can go wrong with the car when it comes to its mechanical systems. For example, “System Too Lean” means motorists have to check if they have bad leaks, injectors (or injector drivers) or if something is blocking the air-conditioning system. Engine misfires happen when spark plugs are old and need replacing, when wires need to be replaced, or if there’s something wrong with how the fuel is being delivered.

Many mechanical problems in a car deal with its emissions systems. Catalytic converters need to be checked if there are leaks or if carbon has blocked the system. When the emission system of a car is faulty, the machine fails to release gas in the right way, which would most definitely become problematic, Dock Square Parking Garage adds.

Dock Square Parking Garage provides 24/7 self-park garage services with overnight security and an onsite staff present at all times. It is conveniently located across Faneuil Hall and the North End in Boston. More on Dock Square and its services here.


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