What to check in your car before leaving the garage

Dock Square Parking Garage believes that cars need to be checked regularly. Because of this, we found it prudent to share a few helpful reminders to motorists out there who frequently leave their cars in parking garages. If a car is well-maintained, this may not be so much of a problem, but then again, it’s best to be safe than sorry.

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Cars are complex pieces of machinery with thousands of moving parts. To be on the safe side, here are things car owners should check before leaving the garage and experiencing car trouble on the road:

Dashboard lights If anything is wrong with any of the major components of the car, drivers will see a small sign on the dashboard light up. From gas to battery issues, motorists should make sure all the important lights are off before leaving the parking garage.

Oil This is especially important if motorists see leakage of oil underneath the car while its parked in the garage. There is a dipstick that can be found under the hood of the car, which car owners can use to examine not just the level of the oil, but also the quality. If there is indeed a leak, motorists will be able to spot it with the dipstick as faint markers above the darkened level will reveal how much oil was lost.

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Dock Square Parking Garage also recommends people to listen to their cars before leaving the parking garage. If they hear anything out of the ordinary, or if there is harshness in the engine, it might be best to go straight to a mechanic.

Dock Square Parking Garage provides convenient and easy in and out parking and access for drivers near the TD Garden area in Boston. It boasts of a highly secure, 24-hour parking service that makes use of automated equipment and a dedicated onsite team. For more car-related tips and insights, visit this blog.


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