What car owners can do to protect their cars from theft

Statistics show an alarming trend in car theft. In the United States, a car is stolen every 44 seconds, and only half of all stolen vehicles are recovered. Because of this, the people over at Dock Square Parking Garage believe that every car owner should be familiar with the basics of car safety.

On that note, here are some safety measures car owners can take to lessen the chances of being car-jacked.

Keep the keys close at all times.

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Many car owners make the mistake of leaving their car keys in “special places” such as under the house mat or behind the car visor. Whatever special place car owners have in mind, they can be sure that thieves have thought of it as well. On the subject of keys, spare keys should also be kept in an exceptionally safe place inside the house, a place that no one else has access to.

Image source: pixabay.com

Know that even when parked at home or at a garage, thieves can target the car.

Another common mistake car owners make is to be complacent with car safety when the car is parked at home or at a garage. Car owners think that these are safe places. And while places like Dock Square Parking Garage may be safer than most parking places in the city, it’s still best to keep the habit of checking and double-checking if the doors are locked.

Dock Square Parking Garage is a parking and garage service provider based in Boston. It’s a self-park garage with 700 spaces, is open 24/7, and always has an onsite staff to help. For similar reads, visit this blog.


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