The three methods for parking your car

Until such a point that self-driving or autonomous vehicles become the norm, we’d have to contend with parking our cars manually. This isn’t inherently bad, if we are to become better drivers and not just be reliant on on-board vehicle computers. Let’s look at the three ways one can park a car.

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Angle parking This means parking a vehicle in parking spaces that are at an acute angle relative to the curb or wall. Most of the time, drivers will have to drive the car forward into the spot and reverse when leaving the area. Angle parking should be done carefully to avoid car damage, especially if your car has a body kit or bumper that is lower than the curb. Also, new drivers should be extra cautious when reversing out, as one’s view of the road will be obscured by the rear pillar.

Perpendicular parking This parking type is done in parking spaces that are at a 90-degree angle to a wall or curb. It’s often better for drivers to reverse-park into the spot when doing perpendicular parking, so as to have a slightly tighter angle for maneuvering and to exit the parking space more safely as the car will be facing the road.

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Parallel parking Easily the hardest parking maneuver (and the reason for the arrival of assisted or self-parking cars), parallel parking simply means parking a vehicle in line with the curb or wall. It’s not easy to master, as beginning drivers can easily damage the alloy wheels if they come in contact with the curb. Also, it can be quite daunting and stressful to slide in the car between two parked vehicles. However, many experienced drivers will insist that it should be easier to parallel park as soon as you get used to your vehicle and know when to turn the wheel.

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