How to parallel park your car between two vehicles

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Parking between two vehicles is something you’d have to master if you are to even pass a driving test and get that license. Below is a step-by-step process on how this is done most properly.

First, position your car so that it’s in the center of the parking aisle. If the aisle is one-way, place the vehicle as close as possible to the opposite side to give you the most space for turning. Stop moving the car when the front bumper is about halfway past the parking space ahead of the allotted spot you are going to park in.

Turn the wheel toward the said parking space and commence slowly driving your car into the spot. Always check both sides of your vehicle to guarantee that enough space is available on either side. Continue to steer as you pull into the parking spot, until such a point that your vehicle is now parallel with the vehicles parked on either side of the allotted space.

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Proceed pulling forward slowly, until your car is completely positioned inside the parking spot. Make sure that you provide enough space between your car and the vehicle directly ahead of yours. Only now can you turn off the engine and exit your vehicle. And oh, don’t forget your keys!

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